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Planned Maintenance 30/09/2021

Planned Maintenance 30/09/2021

Witch Murder by Zeink in Sep 30, 2021

Hello Oceanics!

We will be performing our monthly planned Maintenance around 22:00 - 23:59 GMT +0 On 30/09/2021


*Introducing revamped immortal = Eternal

- Changed the name to some existing items:

Immortal Enchant Stone to Kyanite Gemstone

Blessed Enchant Stone to Hessonite Garnet

For now, they will continue to drop from Nether Void.

more info about eternal can be found here Eternal Armours

*New Event: Twisted/Warped Bran Castle more info: Bran Castle

*NPC Star Stone Added in Rome Gate

*Merlin quest: you cant complete *FIXED*

*IM Mounts/Deco/Costumes are now all tradeable

*New exploration rewards (1st Anniversary)

*Introducing New Set Oceanic 1ST Anniversary more info here: Exploration 1st Anniversary

*NPC Oceanic Skin and Content Change: more info here: Oceanic NPC

*Guild Dungeons Revamped. More info: Guild Dungeon Revamps

*End of Foolish Acong/Olympus Tower. However, as anniversary all the floors keep the current reward boxes (Keys Will be deleted)

*Revisited and adjusted the drop in the areas that was changed last month which includes all nation dungeons except Avalon, and certain general areas.

*Some bosses in Nation Dungeons now have higher chances of dropping Nation Tokens.

*Some content of Nation Dungeons reward boxes has been slightly improved.

Known Issues that we were unable to fix for now:

- Merlin Accessories repairment

*Work in Progress

New Models And working on New Oceanic Weapons

Oceanic Team

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