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Eternal Armours

Eternal Armours

Witch Murder by Castiel in Sep 30, 2021

Immortal Armours has been replaced with Eternal Equipment

After the maintenance from tonight 30/09/2021, you will be no longer able to craft Immortal armours, however, you will be able to craft our new ones, Eternal!

What is Eternal? 

Eternal if a fixed version of our custom made equipment previously known  as immortal, and now:

*Stats Will remain as before

*Now you can Enhance, Enchant or Power enhance with atlas, however you can no longer enchant it to a LEGENDARY level

*They are repairable

*Set Effect is applied once you equip all parts regardless of the enchant level

Crafting Skill Level required to craft Immortal:


Immortal Helmet: 156 Level

Immortal Chain Helmet: 155 Level

Immortal Hat 153 Level


Immortal Heavy Armor: 163 Level

Immortal Light Armor: 160 Level

Immortal Robe: 157 Level


Immortal Greaves:  158 Level

Immortal Leggings: 155 Level


Immortal Gauntlets: 157 Level

Immortal Chain Gauntlets: 155 Level

Immortal Gloves: 152 Level


Immortal Boots 157 Level

Immortal Chain Boots 155 Level

Immortal Shoes: 152 Level

Orb 129 Level

Materials required to craft:

- God's Tear x10
- Fused Devil Stone x75
- Sunset Afterglow x100
- Light of Judgment x100
- Atlantis Gold Coin x100
- Earth Essence x350
- Mystic Gem x75
- Dragon God's Wishstone x500
- Kyanite Gemstone x100
- Hessonite Garnet x10

Quantity is for 1 piece only.

Required Workload :


For those ones who already have Immortal Equipment, we will soon announce an exchange system where you can trade your old Immortal for a new Eternal so stay tuned for more info.

Thank you

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