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Take Advantage of our Friday Sale!

Top Up from 26 until 30 with 20% on Bonus Coins!

20 USD = 4800 COIN 30 USD = 7200 COIN 40 USD = 9600 COIN 50 USD = 12000 COIN 60 USD = 14400 COIN 100 USD = 25000 COIN 200 USD = 52000 COIN
Also for 24 Hours Take advantage of our Oceanic Boxes!

Get 3 Cards every time you buy 10 Cards! this is only for 24 Hours so don't miss out! 

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Exploration & 1st Anniversary!!

Exploration & 1st Anniversary!!

Witch Murder by KingDollar in Sep 30, 2021

Anniversary sale event


Anniversary  sale 30% BONUS

Event Period : 01.10.2021 - 05.10.2021


         Event Period
01.10.2021 - 31.10.2021

As you are fully aware exploration event has been on for the last couple of months so we decide to do a slight change in order for us to also celebrate our 1st Anniversary!

Log In every day from the 1st up to the 31st and Enjoy amazing Prizes!!! 

We are also introducing our new 1st Anniversary set which will be distributed across the whole month!

in case you are curious here is few more details about it :

Here are their stats

Thank You 
Oceanic Team

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