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Twisted - Warped Bran Castle

Twisted - Warped Bran Castle

Witch Murder by Castiel in Sep 30, 2021

Twisted - Warped Bran Castle 

         Event Period
01.10.2021 - 31.10.2021

         How it works!

Once again the bran castle fortress has emerged and is our mission to stop them from taking over the world!

Meanwhile, you fighting Crazy lord and his minions you can obtain Twisted Bran Castle Shards.
Collect them and once you have enough head to Bran Castle Quee who is situated just In the entrance of Bran Castle

Every day after being online for 1 hour you will receive 1 Entrance Ticket, for being online 3 hours you will receive 2 more Entrance Tickets

For those Twisted Bran Castle Shards, She will offer you in return:

Those Random Boxes got the chance to get up to +10 Blade of Roses :)

Happy Hunt :)

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