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Halloween Patch

Halloween Patch

Witch Murder by Zeink in Nov 8, 2021

Hello Oceanic Members!

Please see below the content for the next patch

--------------Server Improvements------------

*Server Improvements & Security Patch Update

*Update Anti-Bot System

--------------Server Changes------------

*End of Exploration Event

*End of Twisted Bran Castle Event

*Acong World Salesman Removed

*Introducing Halloween Event: Pumpkin Hunts & Sad Clows. More details can be found here: Event Halloween

*Sweet Tooth Merchant (Near Pumpkin Hunts Entrance)
*Halloween Pumpkin (Rome Plazza)

*Atlas Enhance Event Back to 50% Rate 

*Tower of Darkness Hall (Ind. Dungeon) has been revamped
Previous Keys will be Deleted during the MT

Monsters inside now will scale according to players level and have high Attack and Defense.

Key can be purchased from Oceanic NPC

Min. Level is 150

*Changed the minimum level required to enter to the following Individual Dungeons:

Oceanic Vault - 150

Atrax's Lair  - 150

*Dryad Garden Gate Removed

*Reduce the number of monster kills on Merlin quest back to 200

*NPC Oceanic 

Now you can exchange Oceanic Coins for Atlantis Copper/Silver/Gold Coins


PVE Skill Changes:

Flame Blow [Lvl 80] Cooldown reduce to 2 and AP Cost is 200

PVP/PVE Cannon Talents Changes:

PVP - Defense Breaker now ignores 5% of the target's physical defence

PVE - Defense Breaker now ignores 10% of the target's physical defence

--------------IM Content------------

*Devil Exia Shield Decoration

*Exion Bayonet Decoration

*Demon Exia-Exion Wings

*Halloween Mount/Deco/Outfit


*Merlin: Duke of Darkness Pack
*Bai Xian: White Line Package
*Astrologer: Dark Witch Package

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