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Pumpkin Hunt & Sad Clows

Pumpkin Hunt & Sad Clows

Witch Murder by Zeink in Nov 8, 2021

In order to get in Punkin Hunts, you will need to look for sad clowns around the world, they will drop [Event}pumpkins that you can exchange for Ghost Bride Invitation (Event) in Rome [EVENT]Hallowen Pumpkin NPC

After you collect enough pumpkins for exchange you can enter the pumpkin hunts:

You can have the chance to obtain the following items from the monsters inside:

[EVENT] Lollipop Exchangeable for various items on Sweet Tooth Merchant (Near Pumpkin Hunts Entrance) & Halloween Pumpkin (Rome Plazza)

Oceanic Gold

[EVENT] Haloween lucky Random Box

[EVENT] Haloween Pumpkin Bomb

[EVENT] Cursed Pumpkin Key

[EVENT] Friendship Candy

[EVENT] Love Candy

Fireworks Kit (Event)

And more stuff for your journey

Inside of the Cursed Pumpkin room:
Old Pumpkin (BOSS)

*[EVENT] Lollipop

*Oceanic Gold

*[EVENT] Spooky Halloween Pumpkin 

*[EVENT] Spooky Accessory Radom Box

*[EVENT] Spooky Accessory Selection Box

Lollipops Can be Exchange in Halloween Pumpk (Rome Plazza) for:

Also can be exchanged for more items on Sweet Tooth Merchant (Near Pumpkin Hunts Entrance) for:

Happy Hunt!!

Oh by the way..... ?????

In order to find out what it is inside, you will need any content from this box:

Now, yes Happy Hunt :D

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