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Update 01.08.2021

Update 01.08.2021

Witch Murder by Castiel in Aug 1, 2021

Here is the list with all the changes that will take effect after today's Maintenance.

- Return of Acong World Event Click for Details

- Fixed an issue where Merlin was unable to equip Orbs

- Fixed the dismantle boxes function

- Fixed the daily Origin, now you can share and receive 10

- Individual Dungeon "a goddess test" renamed to "Warring Dynasty" 

- Changed to more appropriate names the Monsters and Items related to Warring Dynasty

- Adjusted the drop in all Nation Dungeons (Except Avalon)

- Adjusted the materials needed to craft Merlin accessories

- Added Nation Token drop to all Nation Dungeons (Except Avalon)

- Added Hydra Poisonous Gland to Nation Dungeons and Nether Void Bosses

- Reduced the cost for the existing title to NPC Elaine (Near Avalon) and added new titles

- Added Mystic Gem and Hydra Poisonous Glad to Dark Merchant NPC in Plaza

- Reduced the cost of Keys from Pointry NPC (Battle Points)

- New: Merlin's Palace Individual Dungeon 

- New: Mercenary accessories added

- New: Merlin skill: Dark Excalibur

- Added Merlin's Palace Key to Oceanic NPC

- Increased the rewards given by Merlin Quest

- For the whole month of August Top UP 10% BONUS!

- New IM boxes "Mystical Arabian"

- Oceanic Collections Boxes will be available in IM on certain dates during August  Stay Tuned!

- Random Giveaways!!!  They will not happen daily but using a Randomly Generated Number system we will Gift random players with various packages, or other cool stuff( we will announce the winners every time we send it)

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