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Witch Murder by Castiel in Jun 1, 2021

I want to talk with you about a few things in this post and explain as much as possible our methodology on how we operate/update/design/create new Events, Items, etc, But first, allow me to assure you that even tho in the past weeks it felt that our presence around the server is lower we are still working behind the scene and preparing various stuff for you to enjoy.

You may wonder why this kind of post? Well, allow me to explain:
From the begging, we tried to offer you a much more rewarding experience while you play and even though we hit various problems with your feedback managed to quickly solve them or find an alternative solution, and we are still doing that.
We are aware that for some players at some point in the game feels repetitive and while we try to find more new challenges for you keep in mind that this game is designed in a way that if you enjoy it you must have patience and invest time so that your gameplay becomes more smooth.

 Monthly Events

I'm sure everyone likes them especially the free items but as you notice some events are more liked others not so much and the reason is simple, we try to alternate between giving bigger experience while fighting or better loot or stuff that you may need to improve your formation such as Mounts, Decorations, Mercenaries, Upgrade related items and so on.
We are constantly trying to give you a good reason(rewards) so that you actually want to participate in our Monthly Events and gain those items we give you. 
Although we have a Library of events that we can constantly repeat and in the future (it might happen just because players enjoy them) we will try to create new ones, and here is where you can give us a hand: If you have an idea of an event please let us know and we might actually make it possible.

New Content

There is an ocean of ideas on how to improve the game and come up with new and interesting challenges, items, rewards, etc. But we have to take into considerations 2 major factors:

1. How it will affect the current game.
2. How long it will take to actually make it possible.

I am not going into details with those 2 topics because there are too many steps that we must follow before we release it, but just to give you an idea that when we do something we must test it very thoroughly and that means it takes a lot of time, considering the fact that our team is rather small.

All I can say is that we are planning a major revamp to a game feature that currently is forgotten. And some of you may know already about what I'm talking about because I spoke with players in-game about this. No, it's not TBS although in the future we might do a change or 2 in that area as well.


We want to assure players that we still have big plans and projects to finish and release and it may not look like that but due to the nature of development we cannot always share everything.

Thank you for your constant support and we hope you will enjoy playing on our server as much as we enjoy working on it!

Oceanic Team

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