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Witch Murder by Castiel in Mar 19, 2021

Game Masters/ Developers/Game Assistant

- The Game Assistant is the protector and pillar of the community. 
- The GMs and Developers are dignified leaders of the game and should be treated with the utmost respect.
- The Game Assistants are also our liaison. They should be held in the same esteem as any other Official.

General Rules and Regulations

- English is the Official Server language, for other languages make use of the appropriate chats(Guild/Nation) or DMs.
- Only 3 accounts per player are allowed on this server.
Using a macro, third-party program, or physical method to play the game in a repetitive manner
- Personal information of any Atlantians is not to be made public under any circumstance. This is an automatic ban.
- Avoid using profanity and words that are considered tasteless.
- Never harass/flame/troll others.
- Spreading false rumors.
- Provoking or creating any in-game drama.
- Witch Hunts/Name Shame or call-out posts against other Atlantians, Guilds, Alliances, GAs, and GMs are not permitted.
- Never make racists, derogatory, and threatening comments towards other fellow Atlantians or any type of propaganda that is against the policy.
- Impersonating GMs, GAs,  will be grounds for an automatic ban.
- Be helpful and courteous and provide constructive feedback when disagreeing with fellow players. 
- Posting inappropriate images is against the policy. NSFW is strictly forbidden.
- Do not discuss warnings, bans, and/or support tickets as these are a private concern that should only be addressed via PM/DM.
Using a character name, guild name, or a grant name that goes against the listed rules.
- Abusing any kind of bug without reporting it.
- Selling any in-game Character, items, or gold for real money.
- Selling Accounts for any type of currency.
- Advertising other servers on any chat channels.
- Bypassing any of our limit restrictions.
- Scamming other players.
- Hacking other players.


- Do not Spam-Ping or Ping in an excessive manner to other players, GAs, GMs.
- Spamming of any kind (text, pics, emojis, etc.) is against the policy.
- Tagging and/or Spamming more than one Staff member on the same message or repeatedly in different ones is not permitted under any circumstance.

Private Servers

- Other Private Servers (P.S.) discussions, postings, links, references, etc.. are strictly forbidden in any and all of the interactive services e.g.
- Omitting to follow this rule/policy will automatically be considered as a major offense and will terminate access to this server.

3 Strike Rule

- Infractions are applied to any kind of rules and/or policy violations. All rule and/or policy violations will be PERMANENTLY logged and infractions will be applied to the user's account depending on the Game Master criteria with the issue at hand. The 3rd infraction applied to any account is grounded by this rule and/or policy for an immediate ban.

 - Types of infractions
      ▬  Warning
      ▬  3 Day Ban
      ▬  Permanent Ban

These can be applied in any order at the Administrator's notion of the subject, in relation to, the present situation.


Contact the Game Master via DM (Discord) or support to follow up with your case, Atlantians.

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