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Price Changes From 15th of March

Price Changes From 15th of March

Witch Murder by Zeink in Mar 14, 2022

Dear Players

We know this news might affect many of our players. However, we have been deciding whether we increase our prices on our Item Mall, inflation is going everywhere as you know. We do this as part of our work/life, plus we need to pay bills from the host, ISP and team developer.

Please be aware that this will not affect the current items already in our Item Mall

From Tuesday 15th, after the maintenance, any new content box or Item coming to our Item Mall will suffer an increase of 15% on the prices.

For everyone to understand the prices, here is an example:

Boxes with an average of 4k coins will be 4.6k

Boxes with an average of 2.3k coins will be 2.6

Hope you understand 

Thank You 

Oceanic Team

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