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Players Registration

Witch Murder by Castiel in Mar 19, 2021


Please take a few moments and read this post very carefully and make sure you understand the following steps you must take in order to:
- Play on our server
- Recover your Item Mall Coins
- Have full access to our Website

To our current players who already had a character on our server, and lost their progress, please follow these guidelines:

- Signup on our Website with the same ID that you have in the game. (Use your same login details as before, not to be confused with in-game Character)
- Use a valid e-mail address because you will receive a Verification Link in order to verify and validate your account.
- These steps are very important because they will guarantee a refund to your Item Mall Coins back to your account.
- If you used the PayPal method of payment please send KingDollar a direct message on Discord using this format:
    Account Name: xxxxxx
    Payment Method: PayPal
- For other methods of payment the Coins refund will be automatic. If you encounter any issues contact any of the staff members. 

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