Atlantica Oceanic 3rd Anniversary!

Patch notes V1 July 2023

Patch notes V1 July 2023

Witch Murder by Zeink in Jun 30, 2023

*Server Stability & Some Corrections

**New IM Items Have been added**

*Tuk-Tuk Mounts 

*Tamagochi Decoration

*Amazing/Boring Costume

*New Arthur Skins King of Dawn & King of Abyss has been added*

**2 New Events have been added**

*Riddle Train & Acong World*

In order To access those events, you will need Train Riddle Ticket & Admission Akong World[EVENT]

Can be obtained through a login period or Purchase through OC Gold Coin

- Train Riddle Ticket can be exchanged up to 15 Times for OC Gold Coins x2500 each otherwise you will wait for the Login period 5 & 6 Hours = 3 Tickets Per day

*Riddle Train is located on 12 Temples are

*New NPC Waiting Passenger has been added and located in the 12 Temples area

- In order to exchange any items on NPC Waiting Passenger, you must obtain a Riddle Token

- Riddle Tokens are obtainable through a combined system Killer Fingerprints x50, Shooter Fingerprints x25, Culprit Hint x25 & Culprit Evidence x50 

- There is a chance to obtain more than just one riddle token when combined, the chance of success is 85% which means there is a low chance to lose the items

- Riddle Token can also be obtained through Seed Pounch from Previous Events

- Atlas Ore Fragments and other items also drop in this event dungeon (With a low rate)

- Rates for Riddle Token Vs Seed Pouch Cherry Blossom 1:10, Rose Seed 1:5 & Tulip 1:1

- Running Days: Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday

- Admission Akong World[EVENT] can be exchanged up to 15 Times for OC Gold Coins x500 each otherwise you will wait for the Login period 1 & 3 Hours = 3 Tickets Per day

*Akong World is located in 12 Temples that are

*Akong Wolrd Salesman has been added and located in 12 Temples area

- Akong World is a Regular grinding area for any level (From 100 onwards)

- In order to obtain any items from this NPC, you must collect Acong World Coupon

- Green Aura (From the previous Event) can be used to obtain Acong World Coupon at a rate of 1:1. also, previous items from Hot Spring have been added to Acong World Salesman at the same rate as the previous event

- Running Days: Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday

New Events: Are Schedule to end 2023-08-02 23:59

Previous Events: Robot World, Goddess Garden & Persuasion/Travelling Event will end on 2023-07-05 at 23:59

PS: Another Patch with more extended content will be deployed on next week

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