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🌊 Welcome to Atlantica Oceanic! Dive into epic strategy and adventure. Are you ready to conquer? βš”οΈπŸ›‘οΈ

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Patch Notes Update – July 05-07, 2024

12 Temples Adjustments

Cool Down Reduction: Cool down time has been reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours.

NPC Exchange: Removed Zodiac Boxes from NPC Exchange.

Increased Rewards: Increased the final reward boxes upon dungeon completion from 5 to 15.

New Contents: Added Corrupted Obsian & Obsian Shard to the completion box rewards.

New Events Added

Medici Mansion:

Server Specific: Medici will be running only on the Neptune Server.

Freedom Park:

Server Availability: Freedom Park is currently running on both servers for testing, along with Toy Factory.

Location Details: NPC and teleport gates for both events are located in the Event Realm.

Freedom Park Loot

Intruder Slain Loot:

Washington Blunderbus

Unpatriotic Loot (Exchange Item)

Blunderbus Random Box

Equip Boxes

Darkness Origin

Oceanic Gold Coin / Oceanic Platinum Coin

Costume/Hat/Mount/Deco Disassemble Hammer

Celestial Soul Stone

Corrupt Obsian

Special Refund Vials

Enchant Stone

Motivation Recovery Stone

Water of Life

Medici Mansion Loot

Exclusive Drops:

Medici Legacy (Exchange Item)

Oceanic Gold Coin

Acong Big & Small Token of Appreciation

Abandoned Chest Sloth

Medici Gold Box, Platinum Box & Deluxe Box (Not every monster drops all three boxes)

Equip Boxes

Cursed Enchant Stone

Corrupted Oriharukon


Darkness Origin

Phoenix Destructive Stone

Anarchy Stone

Rideran Dead Integer

Luminance of HP

Dragon Spirit Boju

NPC Event Item Limitations

Reset Period Notice: Some participants might have to wait for the reset period to obtain certain items if they reach the limit from previous events.

Item Mall (IM) Adjustments & Implementations

New Sets Added:

Forest Watcher Bonus Set

Dark Destroyer & Merciless Dark Destroyer Set with Bonus Set

New Skin:

Leonidas Bloody Executioner

Mercenary Improvements

Leonidas Spartan:

New Skills:

Phalanx: A passive skill that buffs Defense, Magic Defense, and Evasion for the whole party.

Mortal Resistance: A defensive stance where Leonidas has a chance to counterattack with a shield strike that ignores magic defense and increases the number of hits taken