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Patch Notes Update 30-05-2024

Event Updates

  1. Extended Events: The 'Secret Clover Garden' & 'Faust Mansion' events have been extended until June 18th.
  2. New Event Area: We have introduced the Event Realm for hosting events. Use the usual event teleportation method to access this newly designated area.
  3. Event NPC Relocation: NPCs related to events and gates have been relocated to the Event Realm.
  4. Event Key Usage: Event Keys can now be used without any limitations or restrictions.

Event Specials

  1. Atlas Refund Boost: Enjoy a 30% Atlas refund rate until June 18th, applicable on the Event side of the website.
  2. Secret Clover Garden Adjustments:
  3. Monster Adjustments: Stats for 'Dryad Monsters' have been adjusted.
  4. Drop Rate Increase: The drop rate for 'Clover Leaf' has been increased.

Betting System Adjustments

  1. System Disabled: The Betting System has been temporarily disabled. More information will be provided as it becomes available.
  2. Gate Removal: The 'Gambles Colosseum Gate' has been removed.

12 Temples Enhancements

  1. Temple Keys Activation: Temple Keys are now active for use.
  2. Monster Stats Adjustment: Stats for the monsters in the 12 Temples have been readjusted.

Increased Item Drop Rates

  1. IM Sets with Improved Drop Rates:
  2. Ace Pilot
  3. Bright Fairy
  4. Bluebringer