Thank you

Dear Oceanics! 

Can you believe it's been three years since we embarked on this unforgettable journey in Atlantica Online?  Time flies when you're immersed in thrilling adventures, tackling epic quests, and sharing countless laughs with such a spirited group of fellow gamers.

Every dungeon cleared, every boss defeated, and each strategy we've devised together truly reflects the unwavering spirit and camaraderie of this amazing community. It’s the shared victories, the team challenges, and even those unpredictable in-game moments that have brought us so many smiles and memories.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you!  You all are the true essence of Oceanic, and every moment in this game becomes so much brighter with you by our side. Let’s keep the good times rolling and explore even more corners of Atlantica together.

Sending heaps of virtual hugs and big cheers to many more years of fun and friendship! 

Atlantica Oceanic 3rd Anniversary!


Patch notes September 1 of  2  2023

Patch notes September 1 of 2 2023

Witch Murder by Zeink in Sep 23, 2023

Patch Notes 1 OF 2 September

*Medici Event & Freedom Park Event has End

*NPC & Gate entrance will stay on Game

*The following Items will be removed: Medici Invitation Letter, Medici Fragment, Medici Legacy, Freedom Park Ticket 30 Min NT, Silver Token, Freedom Fragment & Unpatriotic Loot

*Forgotten has been temporarily disabled (Will change later to an instance Solo Dungeon)

*Acong Water Park & Milky Way Party has been added

*NPC Water Park Acong Manager & Milky Way Merchant has been added

NPC Are located in the 12 Temples area

*Hourly Login: OC Ticket Box has been added

Each Box contains x1 Acong Water Park & x1 Admission to the Milky Way Festival.

Distribution based on the hourly log in: 1h = 1Box, 3h = 1Box & 5h = 2Box (Total Entrance Tickets Received x4 Per day)

*Running Days For Milky Way Event:  Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

*Running Days for Acong Water Park: Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

*New Maps added on the west of Atlantis (Work In Progress Access to this area is not available yet))

-Eremos of Blight

-Burning Outpost

-Valley of Gyeophwa

*Economy Based Changes

*World Drop Based on level has been added ("[Oceanic]Gold Coin (No Trade)" can be exchanged on NPC Crasus in Market Place)

- Range level based From 100 to 170 (The higher the level, the lower the drop AT Oceanic gold coin)

- There is a limitation that can be obtained per day (Based on level; the higher the level, the higher the limitation)

This has been designed to allow new and mid-players to grow wealth. 

*Equipment Upgrade Adjustment

*Abyss, Eternal & Apo Upgrade table has been re-adjusted

-Abyss can be atlas enhanced from lvl 3 to Legendary (Lower Cost than Eternal)

-Eternal can be atlas enhanced from lvl 5 to 10 (Lower Cost than Apo)

-Apo can be atlas enhanced from lvl 6 to 10

-The cost of the upgrade has been lowered from all three 3 Sets

-Grimms' Magic Source Now Can be atlas enhanced from lvl 3 to Legendary (Upgrade Cost as Abyssal)

-Apocalypse Overall stats slightly increased

*New IM Items have been added

*Muspelheim's Set

*Apostle Set

*Pocahontas: Magic School Skin

*Jeon: Archane Warrior Skin

*Paganini: Galaxy Warrior Skin

*OC Arena

-OC Arena has been changed to an Event Type(Perm Instance)


-Geminis Temple Drop has been corrected

-Visual Bugs has been corrected (No animations)

*Plazza Teleport Currently Not working

The next Patch will be Scheduled between the 28th and 30th of this month to implement the Oceanic October Anniversary!

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