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Patch notes May 2023

**May Official Patch Notes**

-12Temple Adjustments Part 1 of 3-

*No Trade Blueprint & Essence from monsters (No Trade) has been Renamed

- Shadow Jupiter Blueprint (NO USE)& Shadow Jupiter Essence (NO USE)

- Can be a Temporary Exchange on 12 Temples Clockwatch (Until the Next Patch)

- Ratio 1:1

*Chance to drop any 12 Temples Key has been added to all the 12 Temples Dungeon

*Shadow Jupiter Vial & Shadow Jupiter Dust has been added to the drop list

-New [Sacred], AKA lvl +10 Level, has been added to Shadow Jupiter weapons

-Shadow Jupiter Vial & Shadow Jupiter Dust are Required to Evolve Shadow Jupiter Weapon to level [Sacred]

-To obtain [Sacred] Weapon, you will be required

- Oceanic Weapon lvl L

- Shadow Jupiter Weapon lvl 5

- Sloth Weapon lvl [Almighty]

- 500 Shadow Jupiter Vial

- 500 Shadow Jupiter Dust

- Only Sloth Weapon [Almighty] will be recovered if the combination does not succeed

* This is a final Weapon Stage, and we are set to be the strongest across the whole Server *

* Difficulty to obtain is meant to be like that, so please do not ask for a change in the rate. It will not happen

*Added a chance to obtain from the Boss Floor: 

- Shadow Jupiter Vial & Shadow Jupiter Dust  Regular Drop

- Hat, Costume, Decoration & Mount Disassembly Hammers Very Low Chance

- Hat, Costume, Decoration & Mount Enhancement Stones Very Low Chance

*Alchemist Tweaks*

* Obtainable Decorations & Mounts has been revamped

* Sacrificial items are still the same (Same sacrificial mounts as before)

* Required value to obtain Rare Items has been increased

* Value of Plat Coin in the Alchemist has been increased

*Fishing System*

-The fishing System has been revamped

* You can still participate in the fishing as a regular player and as used to be, but now there are higher grades for more fishing

* Hanoi has been divided into 5 Areas

Hannoi Island all levels:

Hannoi Island 0 1+

Hannoi Island 1 125+

Hannoi Island 2 150+

Hannoi Island 3 175+

Hannoi Island 4 190+

* 4 New Extra Fishing Rods have been added

* 5 New Extra Fishing Baits have been added 

Each Rod and Bait has a Fishing level (Action) Restricted

+ Mapple Fishing Rod & Mapple Bait Req lvl 30+ Fishing (Action) Can be purchased on lvl 1 Hanoi Island

+ Iron Fishing Rod & Mediocre Bait Req lvl 50+ Fishing (Action) Can be purchased on lvl 2 Hanoi Island

+ Mithril Fishing Rod & Common Bait Req lvl 80+ Fishing (Action) Can be purchased on lvl 3 Hanoi Island

+ Titanium Fishing Rod, Best Bait & Shining Bait Req 120+ Fishing (Action) Can be purchased on lvl 4 Hanoi Island

* NPC is set to sell only if you have enough level

* Fishing Bait lvl 30 or higher can obtain O.C. Coins. The higher the level of the bait, the more significant the amount that can be obtained

* Fishing Bait lvl 120 has a low chance to obtain Enhancement Mount/Deco/Costume Stones, Dissasembly Hammers & Atlas Ore Fragment

* Fishing Bait and Rods Cannot be crafted

*De Mere*

* De Mere NPC exchange box has been improved

- Evil, Pegasus, Dark Pegasus, Judgement And Twilight have been added to the Exchange System

- You can obtain from the Exchange up to Twilight Equipment Box

- You can Exchange up to Judgement Equipment Box

- Exchange Rate & Fees has been Increased


*Jumping Event*

- Jumping Character Creation has been removed

- Perm Feature has been removed due to excessive Extra "Grinding Accounts."

*Exploration Event

- Event to finish on 31-05-2023 23:59

*Cherry Bloomsom Pots: 

- Seed Pouch Drop has been increased

- Event to finish on 14-06-2023 23:59

*Recreation Hot Spring:

- Green Aura Drop has been increased

- Event To finish on 14-06-2023 23:59

*Fishing Event*

- Regular Fishing system has been added, and the Event Removed

*Wondering Acong Event*

Wondering if Acongs are around Oceanic and if your mission is to persuade them to provide you with a token or maybe something else. Who knows!

- You got three types of wondering acongs

* Traveling Acong, Wayfairing Acong & Free Spirit Acong You can find them all around the world; however, you can use the shortcut located on the left side right below the event teleport, click on the icon, open the box and select the Acong you are looking for, then it will ask you to teleport next to him!

* How to persuade: Stay online for 1-3-5 Hours to receive Persuasiona  Leaf (the longer you stay online, the bigger the number of leaves)

They can also be Purchased on Oceanic NPC Exchange; use them to persuade the Acong, but be careful! Some of them are less friendly than others!

If they end up Angry, have two ways to let them cool down

*Follow their quest request or simply cancel. However, the cancellation will increase the chances of persuasion to fail!

- If you succeed, then you will earn a Persuasion Box; Inside, you will have the chance to obtain from 1 to 3 Persuasion Tokens or something else, depending on your luck!

* This token can be exchanged on 2 NPC Located in Rome 12 Temples Area: Controlled Robot or Goddess Patty 

* Controlled Robot or Goddess Patty are NPC's from Uncontrolled Robot World & Goddess Garden

* Persuasion will reset daily at midnight (Server Time)

*Uncontrolled Robot World & Goddess Garden*

*Goddess Garden has been added

- Rose Garden Key Will be deleted before the server re-open

- Running Days: Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday

- NPC Goddess Patty has been added

*Items are limited in terms of redemption quantity and level required for redemption

*150 required for redemption

*Entering field lvl requiered is 100+

- Roses Can be exchanged for various items on Goddess Patty, Located at 12 Temple Area

*Robot World has been added

- Running Days: Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday

- Npc Controlled Robot has been added

- Robot Broken Key can be exchanged for various items

*150 required for redemption

*Entering field lvl requiered is 100+

**Item Mall**

- Drifting Forest Wanderer & Forest Wanderer Sets Has been added

- Celestial Guardian & Divine Guardian Sets has been added

**Corrections & Adjustments**

- W.K.'s Schedule has been moved forward 2 hours from the current time

- 12 Temples No trade Items have been removed from the drop

- NO USE items (Previously NO trade) can be exchanged on Clockwatch for a Ratio of 1:1

- Oceanic Vault Final Kill Count reward has been edited

- Atrax & Oceanic Vaul Final Reward has been Fixed

- Arena Monster NPC in the entrance has been removed, so you don't get engaged as soon as you enter

- Ophiucus Accessory Buff now activates when storage in the book

- Teleport to "Corridor in Church at Auvers" has been re-implemented (Van Gogh Area)

- O.C. Neo & O.C. Fire Dragon Collection Buffs has been increased

-The following items have been added to the fixed market

- Insignia License

- Evil Imprint

- Pegasus Tear

- Animal Replica

-The following Items (Stikers) have been added to the search and can be purchased on the market

- [Topaz] Sticker - [Ruby] Sticker - [Garnett] Sticker - [Emerald] Sticker - [Diamond] Sticker

- [Bronze medal] sticker - [Silver medal] Sticker - [Gold medal] Sticker - [Star-shaped medal] sticker - [Amethyst] sticker

- [Red crown] Sticker - [Blue crown] Sticker - [Purple crown] Sticker - [Green Crown] Sticker - [Jade crown] Sticker

- [Camellia] Sticker - [Cosmos] Sticker

- [Sunflower] Sticker - [Tulip] Sticker - [Sharon] sticker

- [Maple Leaf] Sticker - [Ginkgo biloba] Sticker - [Green leaf] Sticker - [Four leaf clover] Sticker - [Brown leaf] sticker

- [Sun] Sticker - [Moon and stars] stickers - [Stars] stickers - [Mirror] sticker - [Lightning] sticker

- [Red octopus _1] Sticker - [Red octopus _2] Sticker - [Red octopus _3] Sticker - [Red octopus _4] Sticker - [Red octopus _5] Sticker

- [Dolphin _1] Sticker - [Dolphin _2] Sticker - [Dolphin _3] Stickers - [Dolphin _4] Sticker - [Dolphin _5] Sticker

- [Whale _1] Sticker - [Whale _2] Sticker - [Whale _3] Sticker - [Whale _4] Sticker - [Whale _5] Sticker

- [Cheetah _1] stickers - [Cheetah _2] Sticker - [Cheetah _3] stickers - [Cheetah _4] Sticker - [Cheetah _5] Sticker

- [Pineapple] sticker - [Banana] Sticker - [Watermelon] sticker - [Orange] Sticker - [Coconut] sticker

- [Snowflake_1] Sticker - [Snowflake_2] Sticker - [Snowflake_3] Sticker - [Snowflake_4] Sticker - [Snowflake_5] Sticker

- [Pumpkin Mask] Sticker - [Little Ghost] Sticker - [Magic Hat] Sticker - [Ghost Bat] Sticker - [Spider Web] Sticker

- [Type E] Sticker - [Type I] Sticker - [Type S] Sticker - [N-Type] Sticker - [T-Type] Sticker - [Type F] Sticker - [Type J] Sticker - [P-Type] Sticker

- [Happy Akong] Sticker - [Sad Akong] Sticker - [Barok Akon] Sticker - [Crazy Acon] Sticker - [Timid Akong] Sticker

- [Christmas Bell] Sticker - [Christmas Lease] Sticker - [Christmas Socks] Stickers - [Christmas Candy] Stickers

- [Tiger Thorn Tree] Sticker - [Limited Cake] Stickers - [Muffin] Sticker - [Parfait] Stickers - [Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie] Sticker - [Vanilla-flavored Gingerbread Cookie] Sticker

- [Valentine Chocolate] Sticker 2022 - [Valentine Bouquet] Sticker 2022 - [Valentine Cupid] Sticker 2022

- [Three-leaf Clover] Sticker - [White Day Candy] Sticker - [Cherry Blossom] Sticker

- [Electrician] Sticker - [High Tone Digit] Sticker - [Low Tone Digit] Sticker

- [Agile Natasha_1] Sticker - [Agile Natasha_2] Sticker - [Agile_Natasha_3] Sticker - [Agile_Natasha_4] Sticker - [Agile_Natasha_5] Sticker

- [Shuriken] Sticker - [Steel Sword] Sticker - [Assassin] Sticker

- Sticker: Cherry branches (1) - Sticker: Cherry branches (2) - Sticker: Cherry branches (3) - Sticker: Cherry branches(4) - Sticker: Cherry branches (5)

**NPC Changes**

Several Changes across the NPC, either from Exchange Item NPC or Points Exchange

NPC Pontry

Battle Tab

* Removed:

Concentration Exp 1 & 3 hours

Demoralize, Rally, Empowering Control I, II, III

* Added:

x500 Oceanic Gold

Arena Dagger

[Oceanic] Arena Dagger

[Oceanic]Warehouse NT

Golden Bunny Searchbot License (14 Days/No Trade)

Gem D Select Box

Fishing Tab

* Removed:

Blessed Ambrosia

Growth Vial VI, VII

Warrior Ancient Manual

Merc lvl Up 150, 160, 165 and 180

Hand Made Carnation

Emblem of Trust

Albert's Fishing Tackle

Mount Enhancement Stone

* Added:

x250 Oceanic Gold

Shining Water of Life (No Trade)

Miracle Potion (No Trade)

Auto-Battle Upgrade License (No Trade)

Perimeter License [No Trade/1 hr]

EXP Concentration License (3 Hours/Event)