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Patch notes July 2023

12 Temples Final Patch Notes

**12 Temples**

-12 Temples have been moved from Normal Dungeon to Event Type

* Dungeons are now set by Schedule Times

* Aries-Taurus-Geminis Mondays & Tuesdays

* Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra Wednesdays & Thursdays

* Saggitarius-Capricornio-Aquarius-Piscis Fridays & Saturdays

* Ophiuscus Friday, Saturday & Sundays

- No more extended CD for dungeon-only Schedule Times (Unless Any other Event Type is active, then you can't enter the dungeon)

- To access the 12 Temples, you will require Temple Pass & Key based on the Temple you want to Join

* Temple Pass I, II, III & IV Will grant you access to the 12 Temples Hall, where you can find the Gates to Join the Dungeon; however, you still require the Key to access the respective Temple

* Keys need to be in the inventory to enter the gate for the respective Dungeon & Pass activated

- There is no final reward; however, you can exchange the fragment dungeon base towards the Temple NPC, which is located outside of the Hall Gates

* Fragments can also be exchanged for Keys; however, no pass

- General Changes-

* Difficulty & Experience has been increased *This is high end content*

* Atlas Ore Fragment, Atlas outfit Stone, Atlas Restoration Ore, Mount Enhancement Stone, Decoration Enhancement Stone, Costume Enhancement Stone, Hat Enhancement Stone & their respective Dissasembly Hammers has been added to the 12 Temples Drops

**Current Events**

* Culprit Evidence & Culprit Hint drop rate has been increased


- Merlin's Palace

* NEW Merlin's Abyss, Merlin's Abyss Staff, and Merlin's Rune (All 30 days no trade) Have been added to the final Reward Box

- Sae Live Venue

* NEW Sae's Electronic Guitar has been added to the final reward box

- Natasha Dungeon: Street Of Vengeance has been added

* Street of Vengeance Back Alley Key can be found in Exchange NPC Oceanic 

* Natasha's Seal has been added to the drop rate in the monsters in the dungeon (Extremely Low)

* NEW Shadow Blade has been added to the final reward box

*Shadow Blade can be evolved into Natasha Shadow's Blade through the combined System  (Only way to obtain it)


- New Shark & Cute Shark Costume Set has been added

- New [Oceanic] Knight Paladins & Kni has been added


*Collection Book Halloween Costume was missing (Shadow Aura instead)

*Lag on certain temples has been corrected (if you still have this issue, please report to me with your DXDIAG)

*Zeus and other OC Necks Stats have been edited (Fully Stats are currently not showing)


- New 3 Titles have been added

- New Apocalypse Winner Set has been added

- AOWC Will be held between the 25 & 27 Of July. Specific Times to be announced


- The following Items will be removed from the game

Uncontrollable Robot World Security Card

Robot Broken Key

Rose Garden Key


Recreation hot spring admission ticket(event)

Green Aura (Event)

Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Event)

Rose Seed Pouch (Event)

Tulip Bulb Pouch (Event)

Firebingo Entrance Ticket

Firebingo Mission Reward Box

Firebingo 5 Line Box

Firebingo 4 Line Box

Firebingo 3 Line Box

Firebingo 2 Line Box

Firebingo 1 Line Box

[Event] Atlantica Bingo Token

Bingo Tokens Pro

Bingo Tokens for Veterans

Bingo Tokens for Newbies

Bingo Tokens for Experience

[EVENT]Marchers Banqueting Hall Admission Ticket

[EVENT]Marchers Supper Room Entrance ticket

Cake Country Entrance

Medici invitation letter

Ghost Bride's Invitation (Event)

Ghost Bride's Invitation

[Event] Lollipop

Dell'arte Party Invitation

[Event] Twisted Bran Castle Ticket

Faust's Mansion Ticket (No Trade)

AT World Ticket

[EVENT] Santa Villa Ticket (30 Minutes)

[EVENT] Goonzu World Ticket (30 Minutes)

Luna's Park Admission Ticket (30 minutes)

Freedom Park Ticket 30 Min NT

Freedom Flyer

My Home Dungeon Market Entry Ticket

Deadly Chambers Pass

Cherry Blossom Festival Admission Ticket

Santa Villa Ticket

Christmas Token

[Event]Christmas Tree

**9th of August Will be applied a new patch with two new events and more content. also, winner & finalist rewards from the AOCWC will be distributed**