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Patch Notes August 19 2022

Patch Notes August 19 2022

Witch Murder by Zeink in Aug 19, 2022

- New Costume, Decoration & Mount Added ✅ + Battle Hippocampus & Pathos Hippocampus Sets has been added (Mount/Deco/Costume) + Ordinary & Cute Beach Costumes has been added + Colourful Seashell & Colourful Pearl Decoration & Mount has been added + Himiko Go to the beach & Naruk go to the beach Skins added - New Oceanic Collection Book Buff ✅ + [Oceanic]Sea Moun, Sea Decoration & Sea Armory added - Hunted Tatami Room has been revamped ✅ - The dungeon now has been set to auto level and drops have been improved - Now, you can obtain Queen's Dignity & Queen's Blessing from the monster drop - Empress Himiko Revamp (Stats Slightly Changed) ✅ - 2 New Skills for Empress Himiko Added: - Queen's Dignity & Queen's Blessing - Queens Dignity: When Himiko is attacked, she gains a chance to heal Allied Ranged Mercenaries. Does not affect the Main Characters. - Queen's Blessing: At the start of combat, Himiko grants Defense, Magic Defense and increased Action Power to all Allied Ranged Mercenaries. Buffs do not affect the Main Characters. - Sae Improvement ✅ - New Skill Blessing of Music has been added - Blessing of Music Skill can be founded on Sae's Live Venue (Final Reward) - Sae's performance pleases her fans. Enhances Strength, Critical Strike, Action Power, and Magic Power of allied melee mercenaries. This spell does not apply to the main character. -End Of Freedom Park ✅ -Freedom Park Invitation/NPC/Gate has been removed ✅ -Invitations will be deleted during the MT - New Red Or Green (Changed) Event ✅ - Up to 11 Participations per day (every 2 hours) - Reward for every run: From 1 Summer Stamp up to 10 per run - Can Exchange the Summer Stamp in Guardian Dhaka, Located on Oceanic Market Place - You can trade [EVENT]Summer Stamp for various items (the event should be running until the end of September) - Travelling Theatre ✅ - New Phantom Sword (Exclusive for Harlqueen) - Dell Arte Ambition has been added to the reward exchange (Limit per player 1 Sword) - Stay logged in for a certain time to obtain Dell'arte Party Invitation (30 min No trade) - You can obtain up to 4 Invitations a day - Traitor Capitano Has been added to Traveling Theatre Entrance - Collect Commedian Dell'arte Coin to exchange for various items - Oceanic Arena ✅ - Oceanic Quest Fixed: Quest changed from party exp to kill count 25/25/25 - The demon Maze key has been replaced for Forgotten realm Key in arena NPC - Force View Equipment Implemented ✅ - You no longer available to hide your equipment from the rest of the players - Oceanic NPC Changes ✅ - Royal Masquerade Set Has been removed - ACA-Car Has Been Removed - The wizard/Librarian Set has been removed - Aspect Wings Have been removed - Kaito Set Has been Added - Kronos Warhorses Has been added - Guardian Gigas/Automaton Has been added - The following Mercs have been removed: Harlequin, Druid, Guan-Yu, Christine, Carmila, Chironia, Rin, Elementalist & Hualin - The following Mercs Has been added: Arthur, Lich, Dryad, Grimms, Khun, Empress, Gigas, Pirate, RoroKidul **** Prices across the whole NPC Have been increased Radically **** **** There is now a Limitation per Char to obtain any set or merc **** **** To obtain Oceanic Platinium, you will have to exchange only in Oceanic NPC **** - Dragon Lair Box Changes ✅ - Atlas obtained in the boxes has been significantly reduced, and the rate lower - OC Gold Coin has been added - NPC Rabio Content has been changed - Boxes are no longer available - OC Overlord Black Tiger, Frozen Pink Crystal Wings, Lovely Pink Baby Dragon V1 & V2, Storm, Frost & Blazing Wings has been added - Oceanic Coins are no longer distributed during hour login ✅ - Historical Invasion Kill Count has been reduced ✅ - Moon has been reduced to 8k meanwhile the others to 7k

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