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Patch Notes 30-04-2022 Revamp Update

Patch Notes 30-04-2022 Revamp Update

Witch Murder by Zeink in Apr 30, 2022

* New Dimension Jar System                                             

Dimension Jar is a single instance where you will have to fight across 32 floors (another area will be introduced later), with continuous battles (The same style as Infinity)

Each Floor has a rewards plus a daily reward & monthly rewards as well

Daily Reward x50 Atlas + Stages

Weekly Reward x50

Monthly Reward x100 Atlas 

* New IM Content to be added                                             

New Heavenly and Infernal Set Added

* Daily Login Reward changed                                          

New Daily Scroll has been added to the daily login reward from there you can obtain:






*Chocolate & Candy Buffs

*Shining & Regular Water of life














* Beginner Box Revamped                                                

*Beginner Supply Box now contains Shining Water of life x 75, Water of life x250 Level Reward Box and Black Package 

*Black Package Now contains: Oceanic Infernal Set 30D NT

* Lvl 100 Character Revamp

*Now, When creating a new char on lvl 100, you will receive equipment +5 on your main char

* Exploration System

*New Exploration System Has been added (Will be removed after two months running)

* Oceanic Weapons Re-Stats Implementation & Revamped Honey Jar

* Oceanic Weapons has been added and Re-Stats

To obtain Oceanic weapons, you will have to access [Oceanic]Revamped Honey Jar Dungeon. As the final reward, you obtain an Oceanic weapon arsenal that has the chance to obtain those weapons and more!!

* Oceanic Necklaces & Dragons Lair                                                  

*Oceanic Necklace has been added Zeus/Nirvana/Mars/Nyxs Can be obtained from Dragon Treasure Chest On Dragons Lair

*Cost of Dragon Treasure Chest has been Highly Increased

* Fixing Collection Book

*Most of the collection Issues have been fixed; however, a few chars are still bugged. We are looking into that

* Weekly Championship Reward Revamped

*Name has been changed to "Authority of the Monarch" it will contain: The Monarch Weapon Box x2

Unbound Hell Horse 7Days x1

New Jackpot Atlas Sealed Box x5 (From 75 to 1500)

[Oceanic]Mount V4 Card x1

[Oceanic]Decoration V4 Card x1

* New Monthly Event

*New Bingo Event has been added 

To receive a token to initiate the board, you only need to be online for a specific time





Every time you use a token, a random quest will be provided. After you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with Bingo Coupons

that you can exchange on Bingo Fortunata located in Oceanic Market Plaza

* AOA Characters Added and Updated      

*New AOA Mercs Have been added

* Art Gallery Rewards/Drop/Monsters 

*Art Gallery monster has slightly change not just on stats but also item drop

*You can obtain the Art Gallery Pounch Bag, where you can obtain plenty of buffs/scrolls and other goodies!

* De Mere Changes                                                        

*Now, you can obtain up to twilight (low rate) from exchanging up to Phoenix Equipment

*New Oceanic Aura Collections has been added to the collection book

-Power Up Aura

-Spear Master Aura

-Weapon Aura

-Peaceful Dragon's Aura

* New Mounts & Decoration has been added to the Alchemy System

Now you can obtain the following mounts:






* Necromancer & Christine Skills Revamp


*[Watchful Soul]

Necromancer gains Evasion and buffs the entire ally formation with Defense and Magic Defense.

*[Dark Mists]

Increases target ally's Attack Power but reduce their Accuracy. If cast on a target enemy inflicts Silence and reduces their Accuracy.

*[Blood Curse]

Casts a curse on a single target enemy decreasing their Action Power. Additionally, it inflicts Guard Dispel and Silences them.

If the target is affected by Lich's "Silence of the Grave" additionally, it decreases the target's Defense.


Revives up to 3 allies in a column. Revived allies then gain Action Power. However, the caster dies upon activating this skill.

(Cannot resurrect allies that have fallen for more than two turns.)



He tosses a rope that rounds up all the baddies, decreasing the Action Power of the entire enemy's formation.

*[Quick Draw]

Christine gains an increased chance of triggering an extra attack.

*[Steady Stance]

Christine gains increased Combo Rate, Attack Power, Dexterity, Accuracy and Critical.

She unleashes a rain of bullets on her enemies, increasing the enemy formation's Combo Count by 1.

* New Atlantis Bracelets & Guardian Bracelets are now tradeable

* More Utility for OC Coins (Adding OC Plat Coin)

*New Mercs Were added on Oceanic NPC

*New Platinium Coin has been added 

To obtain Lich, you will have to exchange 9999 OC Gold Coins for 1 Plat Coin.

Also, Platinium Coin can be used in alchemy to exchange mounts and decoration.

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