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Patch Notes 15 of March 2022

Patch Notes 15 of March 2022

Witch Murder by Zeink in Mar 15, 2022

Hello Oceanics

Here is a little Peak of the new Patch

**Server & Security**
-New Server Update and Security patch has been applied

**Windless Valley Teleport/Instance Removed**
-There is no longer Teleport & Quixotic Windmill has been placed outside of the instance in Langlois Bridge
-Quixotic Windmill: Drop Rate & Content Has been Changed (Abyssal/Twilight/AbandonedSlothChest)

**New [Oceanic]Market Area**
-In order to reduce the amount of latency a certain number of NPC (mainly the trader ones) were moved to a new Located Area.
-Arena Shortcut has been Replaced by Market Place however you can still access the new area through a gate Located in Roma Plaza

**Historical Invasion**
-The number of monsters that needs to be killed has been doubled up

**New Accessory Book**
-Now you can register Accessories in the collection book
-New Accessories has been added: Sacred/Shiny Atlantis -SweetChocolate -Passionate

*Primal Monsoon & Beating Sun have now scaling DMG
*Combo Skills Has now scaling DMG
*Increase the duration and reduce the cooldown of some skills to match the new changes
-Atlantian Blademaster
*Direct Current Skill DMG increased
*Reduce Chaos Soul Talent Skill from 300% to 100%
*Reduce Static Shield Skill DMG
-Staff Main (PVE Only)
*Action Power required for Flame Blow has been increased

-End of the Cake Kingdom & Hidden Repositorium event
-Acong World Event has been added 

**IM Content**
-Oceanic Card Revamped
*In order to allocate all the Costumes, Hairddress, Mounts & Decoration now there is several amounts of Oceanic Cards (V1, V2, V3 & V4) 
*3 New IM Boxes: White Cherry Box, Box with Love & God Wing Box

Details Regarding Events & IM Content (Including Oceanic Cards) will be posted in the next 24hrs please be patient

Thank You 

Oceanic Team

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