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Patch Notes 15 December 2023

**Patch Notes: December 15, 2023**

Hello Oceanics, please review the latest changes below:

- **Removals from Water Park Acong and Milky Way Merchant:**
  - `Acong Water Park Stamp`
  - `Starlight Sculpture`
  - `Moonlight Sculpture`
- **Conclusion of Infinity Challenge:**
  - `Infinity Mercurius` to be removed in January update
  - `Challenge Emblem` to be removed in January update
- **End of Witch's Hut Event:**
  - `Witch Princess` to be removed in January update
  - `Witch Elixir` to be removed in January update
  - Hourly Login for Witch Hut Entrance discontinued

**New Additions:**
- **Holy Town Introduced:**
  - Accessible via `Crying Child Quest line`
  - Features `Santas Messenger` (Exchange NPC) and `Homecome Holiday Acong` (Roulette NPC)
  - `Crying Child` (Quest Line NPC) added

- **Christmas Market Launched:**
  - Entry doesn't require a pass
  - `Crystal Eye Storage Room` added
  - `Snow Crystal Vault Key` introduced (Required for Crystal Eye Storage Room)
  - Addition of several Christmas Market NPCs:
    - `Crying Child` (Quest NPC)
    - `Yasusa Nari` (Daily Quest NPC)
    - `Roche` (Quest NPC)
    - `Archelino` (Quest NPC)
    - `Archer Chef` (Quest Exchange NPC)
    - `First Chef` (Exchange NPC)
    - `Santa Acong` (Exchange NPC)
    - `Santa Messenger` (Exchange NPC)

**Miscellaneous Updates:**
- Rome's layout changed to Night Christmas theme
- 3 new Warehouse Tabs introduced
- Fixed special functions in the special warehouse tab
- PK Level requirement now only at level 200
- `Atlas Ore [O]` added (not yet distributed)
- 4 new FL 3 vs 3 sessions introduced (current ones unaffected)
  - Event Timings for FL 3 vs 3: `3 AM, 10 AM, 6 PM, 10 PM`
- Revised Oceanic gold distribution for login: `1-50, 2-100, 3-150, 4-200, 5-250`
- World Drop reviewed
- Arena & Holy Town opening at 7 post-reset, 12 Temples to follow at 8

**IM (Item Mall) Updates:**
- New items added:
  - `Mecha Dino Set`
  - `Christmas Set`
  - `Crimson Mafia Sheng Hong Skin Pack`
  - `Dancing Joint Doll Riva Skin Pack`
  - `Khun Phae Mushin Skin Puzzle Piece`
  - `Antark's Illusion Puzzle` (contains Faraway Necklace, Red Star Ring, Frost Water Ring)