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Patch Notes 1.1

Patch Notes 1.1

Witch Murder by Castiel in Jun 17, 2021

Here is a list of all changes that will occur during maintenance:

  • Server refresh and database backup
  • Fixed an issue where Star Stone Magic level increase effect is not displayed in PVP battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the character name is hidden in the character's appearance when wearing the gods' baby dragon.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that automatic battle release was possible through the change of formation when participating in automatic Free League.
  • Login / logout notification ON / OFF function is added.
      You can set login notification ON/OFF through the game settings menu.
  • Expand the decoration collection book
      Normal and rare version of decorations can now be registered in Collection Book
  • Introducing new Mercenary: Merlin
  • New Dailly Attendance Reward boxes.
  • When creating a new Account the first character that you will create will start with level 100.
  • Replaced the Summon Marble with Mercenary Token(can be exchanged in Rome - Gate)
  • Moved the Chain Letter NPC and Merchant Acong to Rome - Gate
  • Change the crafting Experience so it will add up even if the skill needs leveling
  • Oceanic Barbarian tiger can now be registered in Collection Book
  • Introducing new Event:
    Bingo Event (more details soon)
  • Introducing new IM Content
    Mercenary: Merlin
    Gravy Cat
    Chironia's Mount
    Winged White Wolf
    Winged Blak Wolf
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