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Patch Notes 09-06-2022

Patch Notes 09-06-2022

Witch Murder by Zeink in Jun 9, 2022

Dear Oceanics Please see below our last patch notes:

*Addition of new IM Wizard Set
*New Oceanic Arena (PK Grinding Sloth Area)
-- In order to access this area you must be level 170+
-- Mobs are lvl 200 (This is a Hardcore battle arena)
-- Player Kill is allowed
-- My Home Function and Bookmark are not allowed

*Sheriff Skill Review 
--Arrest Is now working In cross-range

*Oceanic Weapons Review
-- All Oceanic Weapons Stats has been reduced no longer OP (Might receive another update)

*Laziness Antark 
-- All floors of Laziness are now a NON PLAYER KILL area 
-- You can also teleport and use My Home Function there

-- Several Items have been renamed to a proper name
-- Items that were not renamed will be removed from the book

*Daily Login Reward
-- Daily Scroll has been removed from the daily login
-- New items were added instead

*Monthly Event
-- End of Bingo Event
-- Medici Mansion has been added 
--- In order to enter the mansion you must log in 1, 3 & 5 Hours to receive an invitation.
--- You can obtain various items one of them is Medici Legacy and exchange them on Medici's Maid
--- You can Also obtain Medici Boxes (Delux, Gold & Plat)

*Oceanic NPC Changes
-- Masquerade Set, Librarian Set, ACA-CAR collection, Aspect Wing Collection Has been added

*Flourish & Blossom Swords
-- the Wrong attribute has been fixed

* KJ System
-- KJ System is now working in addition to the PK

*Atlas Ore Enhancement Event
-- Refund cost has been changed from 50% to 65% until the end of July

-- Schedule Times have been slightly changed 
-- LOA Periods have been increased all days to 120min per session
-- LOA HOT time also has been changed to all days 120min per session

-- Rates for the new content added last month has been increased
-- Oceanic Platinium can be used as exchange instead of mounts or decor

*Party Experience adjustments
-- Party Experience has been change from 2=200% & 3=300% to 2=250% & 3=350%

*New Titles Have been added

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