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Patch Notes 06 January 2022

Patch Notes 06 January 2022

Witch Murder by Zeink in Jan 6, 2022

Hello Oceanics

Please see below our patch note for tonight maintenance.

New Merc Sae A class mercenary

-New Musician Merc Sae will require Multi Hued Soul Crystal and Jewel for Upgrade

-Skill upgrade Atlas Ore only works on Chorus skill; any other upgrade will be only through Books

End of Holy Town event 

-Santa's Messenger Been Removed

New Event introduce:

-Infinity Challenge

-Infinity Mercurius has been added 

-Experience inside the infinity challenge has been slightly increased

-Halloween Pumpkin has been removed

NPC Oceanic has been Revamped 

-Several Items were removed and replaced for others (Please be aware that items will not be displayed before IM to keep prices in the live server stable)

 Art Gallery

-New Ticket  (Box) for Fist Armor Mercenary

-Pugio's Ticket has the chance to drop a Pigios Fist from +0 up to +10, like the current other Tickets

NPC Infinity Mercurous Content

Van Gogh Area Revamped

-To enter the area, you must be level 180+

-Monster level inside the area is increased: 190-200

-Monster aggressiveness increased

-Monster Drops Revamped

-Difficulty and rewards of the quests related to that area were adapted to level 180+

-You will require Craft Level 80 of License in order to craft the reset from Van Gogh License

-There are now two types of Gem boxes also added in the quests rewards from Van Gogh Area


-ALL items related to Van Gogh such as Keys, Licenses to reset the quest will be deleted during the maintenance.

Know Issue:

-Van Gogh Bosses have a level visual bug

Thank You and Happy Hunt :)
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