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Patch Note 6 of April 2023

12 Temples Official Patch Notes

***Equipments & other items***

*Old Eternal Models have been replaced by Customized Models (Icons to be updated on a future patch)

*Shadow Jupiter Weapons has been added

+ Can only be obtainable through a crafting system

+ Must be 180+ Crafting Skill

+ Use the Same Enchant System as Jupiter; however max lvl is +5

+ Crafting materials can be obtained through the 12 temples

+ Weapons have been added to the collection book and buff book (Must be lvl +5 for the buff to take place)

+ There is no Shield or Orb, only weapons

*New Accessories 12 Zodiac has been edited and fully added

+ Each Floor (Temple) Holds the crafting materials for each Zodiac 

+ Buff Collection Set has been added

+ Set Collection has been added

+ Zodiac Bracelet Collection

+ Zodiac Emblem Collection

+ Zodiac Ring Collection

***Oceanic Arena***

+ Map Model has been changed new arena model has been implemented

+ Monsters' difficulty has been highly increased

+ Agroo has been highly increased

+ Experience earned in the arena has been increased

***Deco/Mount/Costume/Hat Enhancement System***

+Enhancement System has been added (Previously existing only on Mounts)

+ Mount Enhancement Stone, Decoration Enhancement Stone, Hat Enhancement Stone, and Costume Enhancement Stone have been added

+ Max Level of Enhancement is set to +6

+ Only collection book Items Can be Enhanced

+Now you can dismantle Mounts, Decorations, Hats & Costumes

+ Hammers are available on the 12 Temples Drops (at a very low rate)

+ Fragments will be obtained by dismantling 

+ Mount/Deco/Costume/Hat Fragments are required to craft 12 Temples Accessories


+ OC Platinium value on alchemist NPC has been increased


*Daily Invasion has been improved

+ Each Invasion has a different level of difficulty; therefore, rewards have been adjusted based on that Level

+ Ranking System Reward Slighly change:

1- Price is now for 1 and 2

2- Price Between 3 and 5

3- Price Between 6 and 15

4- Price Between 16 and 50

5- Price Between 51 and 100

6- Price Between 101 and 200

+ Corrupted Obsidian & Corrupted Oriharukon have been added to the final reward from invasion from the top 3 Prizes

+ Atlas Fragment reward has been increased on the top 3 Prizes

+ Water of Life has been added to ranks below 4

+ If the invasion is cleared, then the whole server will be rewarded with an extra Buff of Attack Power & Defense

*Buff Description*

- Pharaon Curse 45 min 125% extra buff on attack and defence

- Moon Rabbit 30 min 150% extra buff on attack and defence

- Wild West 45 min 175% extra buff on attack and defence

- March of The Living Dead 60 min 175% extra buff on attack and defence

+ Invasion Final Numbers have been reduced down

- Moon Rabbit Kill countdown has been reduced from 8k to 7k

- Pharao Curse Kill countdown has been reduced from 8k to 6.5k

- Wild West Kill countdown has been reduced from 8k to 6.5k

***Forgotem Realm***

+ Level required to access has been changed from 100 to 170+

***Art Gallery Improvements***

+ You Must be 150+ To access the Art Gallery

+ Art Gallery Guide Acong exchange Items have been updated

+ Regular Floor now has the chance to drop Art Gallery Letter can be used to exchange various Items

+ Shadow Dungeon Floor has been added

- To access Shadow Art Gallery, you must have Shadow Art Gallery Key that can be found on the art gallery guide acong

- You cannot teleport to the Shadow Dungeon Floor; only auto move 175+, and you must have to activate the art gallery pass to enter the regular Floor

- Timer has been added to the shadow art gallery

- You still can use 30 min of Shadow Art Gallery even if you run out of the regular pass as long as you don't leave the Shadow Floor

- Disconnection Release you from the shadow map

- You can stay on the Floor even if killed as long as you have WOL or SWOL

+ Monsters

- Shadow Acongs are stronger than regular ones 

- Shadow Acongs have increased agro

- Shadow Acongs have the chance to drop Dismantle Hammers (Deco/Mount/Costume/Hat) Required for Zodiac Accessories

- Shadow Acong has the chance to drop Art Gallery Exchange Letter that can be exchanged in Art Gallery Guide Acong for various items

***Town Control*** (Not Fully Tested)

+The following towns can now be controlled

- Sydney

- Perth

- Mayapan

- Cusco

***Star Stones***

+ Star Stone: Panda, Zebra, Rabbitt & Ostrich can now be fused


+ Auction Shorcut has been replaced for the 12 Temples Area

+13 New Emblems, Rings & Earrings have been added

* Zodiac Accessories has been added to the Buff book

* Each Temple has the drops to craft the Zodiac Accessories

* Each Temple does provide the materials for the shadow Jupiter Weapons (Fragments)

+13 New individual Dungeons have been added

+ Keys Have been Added to the book for storage purposes

+ There is a small chance of obtaining the Dungeon Key from the boss

+ Key Can also be Purchased on the Clocktower in the 12 Temples Area with Oceanic Gold Coins

+ Please see below a list of the following times to complete and the total amount of monsters inside

+Aries 41 Monsters 40 Min

+Taurus 17 Monsters 20 Min

+Geminis 40 Monster 40 Min

+Cancer 60 Monsters 55 Min

+Leo 32 Monster 30 Min

+Virgo 32 Monsters 30 Min

+Libra 27 Monsters 25 Min

+Scorpion 28 Monsters 25 Min

+Sagittarius 34 Monsters 35 Min

+Capricornio 32 Monster 30 Min

+Aquarius 30 Monsters 30 Min

+Piscis 44 Monsters 45 Min

+Ophiuscus 54 Monsters 55 Min

+ Each Dungeon has a cooldown of 24 hours

+ Dungeon for only 3 Units for combat, including main (Thi is not a Dungeon for SOLO)

+ Any of the 13 Temples will be dropping:

*Shadow Jupiter: Essence, Soul, Crystal & Blueprint (Materials required to craft Shadow Jupiter)

+ Each Dungeon will drop its Zodiac Fragment:

*Aries Fragment, Taurus Fragment, Gemminis Fragment, Cancer Fragment, Leo Fragment, Virgo Fragment, Libra Fragment, Scorpion Fragment, Sagittarius Fragment, Capricornio Fragment, Aquarius Fragment, Piscis Fragment, Ophiuscus Fragment

+ Jupiter Shadow Weapons Crafting Drop:

*Aries, Leo, Sagittarius = Sword / Axe / PowerSaw

*Taurus, Virgo, Capricornio = Spear / Fist / Whip

*Gemini, Libra, Aquarius = Bow / Gun / Guitar

*Cancer, Sorpion, Piscis = Cannon / Staff

+ 12 Zodiacs, each one of them is based on an elements Fire, Earth, Air & Water

+ Mount, Decoration, Costume & Hats has also been assigned to an element to classify the drop area

+Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Will Drop Decoration Fragments

+Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Will Drop Hat Fragments

+Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Will Drop Costume Fragments

+Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Will Drop Mount Fragments

+ Mount, Decoration, Costume & Hat fragments are required to craft the Accessories; meanwhile, Zodiac Fragments are required to craft Shadow Jupiter Weapons

+ Difficulty level is Very high, and you must be 180+ to enter or at least 190 as recommended (Idiealy Party will be required)

+ Moster has aggressive agro and magic reflection, as seen on Cakeworld. You have been warned!

+ This is High-end content. Therefore it will stay as this on difficulty, so please do not ask for changes!

+ Each Dungeon Has a Boss that has a low chance of obtaining a box that contains an accessory based on that Ind

+ Each Dungeon will have a final box reward where you can obtain the crafting materials for Shadow Jupiter and Zodiac Access


+ Server Mission Event has finished

- From this period, will no longer be Server Mission

+ Infinity Challange has finished

- Emblems will be removed in the following Maintenance

- Infinity Mercurious has been removed

+ End of Cake Kingdom Event

- Valentine Sweetheart Acong has been removed

- Event Items will be deleted during the Maintenance

+ Exploration Rewards Have been added

- Monthly Exploration Reward has been added

+ Fishing Event Has been added

- To participate: There is a regular fishing system and then an event one

- Event: is set up by time: 3-7-11-15-19-23. It follows the Same times as Infinity (You might get stuck on teleport). Use the Rome teleport to unstuck

- When you try to catch through this event, it will provide you with a reward: Fireworks Marble (Event)

- If you succeed, you will obtain ten marbles per catch. If fails, you will only receive 3

- You will be able to use (Combine) with Ancient Amber Fosil that can be obtained through the exchange on Fisherman Acong in return for some Firecrackers (Event)

- You must fish as regular to obtain Firecrackers (Event). However, you still need to purchase the Fireworks Bait in the Fisherman Acong Located on Hanai Island

- Regular: Normal Rods, Fireworks Bait(Event) & Equipment Box Fishing Bait can be purchased in the Fisherman Acong for OC Gold  

- Firecrackers can be exchanged for various items, including level Growth boxes

- Level 1 to level 7 Fish can be exchanged for level 1 to lvl 7 Growth Boxes

- Each box is based on the Level of fish combined: Level 1 fish can exchange for lvl 1 box, level 2 for level 2 and so on...

+Hot Spring Event has been added

+ To access the grind, you must be 150+ 

+ You can enter the hot springs in 2 ways

+ Hourly login after 3 hours, you will receive 3 Tickets (10 min each)

+ Grinding Cherry Pots for seeds to exchange for a ticket

+ Cherry Pots have been added around OCeanic

- Cherry Post has the chance to drop Seed Pouch Bags that hold 3 Different Types of Seeds

- Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Event), Tulip Bulb Pouch (Event) & Rose Seed Pouch that can be exchanged for various items, including Recreation admission hot spring ticket

+ Recreation admission hot spring ticket can be obtained on the Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch (Event), lasting 10 min. Each ticket

+ Inside Recreation Hot Spring, you can fight various monsters that will provide you numerous items and exchange items Green Aura (Event)

+ Green Aura Event can be exchanged for various items on Spring Cute Acong located on Oceanic Market Place

***PVP Changes***

+ Beating Sun: Scailing Dmg has been lowered

+ Spirit Echo: Proc Activation has been Increased

+ StormBlast: Damaged has been slightly increased

+ Mana Seal: Increased Action Reduction towards the enemy & increased damaged

+ Speed Cast: Ap Boost Slightly Increased

+ Shield Of Protection: Healing proc slightly boosted

+ Beast Summon: Attack Damage Increased

+ Arrow of Curse: Slightly Adjustment

***NPC Oceanic***

+ Costume, Mounts & Decorations has been replaced

+ Chin Ya has been added


+ New Viking & Viking Chief Set has been added

+ 4 New NeoAca Sabertooth has been added

+ OC Neo-Aca Sabrethoot Red, Blue, Pink & Green 

+ Added to the collection book

+ Mounts Must be level +6 in order to take effect

+ 3 FireDragon Wings Has been added

+ OC Fire Dragon Wings Ordinary, Red & Blue

+ Added to the Collection Book

+ Decorations Must be level +6 to take effect

+ Mount, Decoration, Hat & Costume Enchant Stones has been added