Thank you

Dear Oceanics! 

Can you believe it's been three years since we embarked on this unforgettable journey in Atlantica Online?  Time flies when you're immersed in thrilling adventures, tackling epic quests, and sharing countless laughs with such a spirited group of fellow gamers.

Every dungeon cleared, every boss defeated, and each strategy we've devised together truly reflects the unwavering spirit and camaraderie of this amazing community. It’s the shared victories, the team challenges, and even those unpredictable in-game moments that have brought us so many smiles and memories.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you!  You all are the true essence of Oceanic, and every moment in this game becomes so much brighter with you by our side. Let’s keep the good times rolling and explore even more corners of Atlantica together.

Sending heaps of virtual hugs and big cheers to many more years of fun and friendship! 

Atlantica Oceanic 3rd Anniversary!


Oceanic Cards!!

Oceanic Cards!!

Witch Murder by Zeink in Mar 17, 2022

Dear Oceanics 

The long-awaited times is almost over!

From 18th 00:00, until the 21st of March 23:59Server Time, you will be able to buy our revamp Oceanic Cards!

Each day, a different version of Oceanic Card will be on sale for a period of 24hrs each, however, you might ask? what do you mean by a different version?? well here is the answer:

We have been trying to allocate all the mounts, decorations, costumes and hairdressers in 1 card per category however the game doesn't allow us to do that so we implement a new system that allows the distribution of the items.

Day 18 You will have available Oceanic Mount Card V1, Oceanic Decoration Card V1, Oceanic Costume Card V1, Oceanic Headdress Card V1
Day 19 You will have available Oceanic Mount Card V2, Oceanic Decoration Card V2, Oceanic Costume Card V2, Oceanic Headdress Card V2
Day 20 You will have available Oceanic Mount Card V3, Oceanic Decoration Card V3, Oceanic Costume Card V3, Oceanic Headdress Card V3
Day 21 You will have available Oceanic Mount Card V4, Oceanic Decoration Card V4

Each Version contains different types of Mounts/Decos/Costumes/Headdress

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