Thank you

Dear Oceanics! 

Can you believe it's been three years since we embarked on this unforgettable journey in Atlantica Online?  Time flies when you're immersed in thrilling adventures, tackling epic quests, and sharing countless laughs with such a spirited group of fellow gamers.

Every dungeon cleared, every boss defeated, and each strategy we've devised together truly reflects the unwavering spirit and camaraderie of this amazing community. It’s the shared victories, the team challenges, and even those unpredictable in-game moments that have brought us so many smiles and memories.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you!  You all are the true essence of Oceanic, and every moment in this game becomes so much brighter with you by our side. Let’s keep the good times rolling and explore even more corners of Atlantica together.

Sending heaps of virtual hugs and big cheers to many more years of fun and friendship! 

Atlantica Oceanic 3rd Anniversary!


Information Regarding  Alchemist

Information Regarding Alchemist

Witch Murder by Zeink in Sep 23, 2023

Hello Oceanics, Please see below the information Regarding Alchemist as everyone has been asking

Wings of Darkness

Wings of Light

Glorious Wings of Light

Lucifer's Wings

Infernal Lucifer's Wings

Kitty Bag

Graceful Kitty Bag

Michael's Wings

Michael's Sacred Wings

Argos' Wings

Blessed Argos' Wings

Hydra's Wings

Invincible Hydra's Wings

Puppy Bag

Cute Puppy Bag

Halloween Mephisto's Cross

Halloween Fallen Mephisto's Cross

Tiger Cub Bag

Cute Tiger Cub Bag

Ninja Blade

White Dragon Wings

Sacred White Dragon Wings

Swordmaster Wings

Holy Swordmaster Wings

Blue Dragon Wings 

Scorching Blue Dragon Wings 

Racoon Bag.

Giant Racoon Bag.

Lea's Wings of Liht

Lea's Wings of Darkness

Skuld's Wings

Cold-hearted Skuld's Wings

Mech Wings

Hi-Tech Mech Wings

Fire Dragon Wings.

Vicious Fire Dragon Wings.

Omega Wings

Dark Omega Wings

Lovable Song-i Bag

Lovable Song-i Bag V2

Dark Ninja Blade

Ares' Wings

Ares' Divine Wings.

Lilith's Wings 

Fuming Song-i Bag

Pegasus Wings

Pegasus Wings V2

Noble Pegasus Wings

Arms of Halloween

Cursed Arms of Halloween

Regular Iris's Wings

Iris' Wings V1

Ornate Iris's Wings.

Garuda's Wings 

Garuda's Golden Light Wings 

Frozen Crystal Wings V1

Frozen Crystal Wings V2

Dark Frozen Crystal Wings.

Fairy Wings V1

Fancy Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings V2

Taoist's Barrier

Burning Taoist's Barrier

Wayang Decoration

Shining Wayang Decoration

Wayang Decoration V2

Berserker Blade

Berserker Blade V2

Cursed Berserker Blade

Burning Sagittarius Wings

Burning Sagittarius Wings V2

Frozen Sagittarius Wings

Thor's Wings

Thor's Wings V2

Mighty Thor's Wings

Drake Wings

Burning Drake Wings

Titan's Claw

Gold Titan's Claw

Azure Titan's Claw

Dark Titan's Claw

Ariana's Wings

Resplendent Ariana's Wings

Sleeping Spirit

Cold Water Spirit

Hot Fire Spirit

Bright Shadow Spirit

Infernal Demonic Wings

Ultimate Demonic Wings

Celestial Hunter's Blades

Rudolph Bag (Trade)

Cute Rudolph Bag

Polar Bear Bag

Hefty Polar Bear Bag

Demon's Sickle

Merciless Demon's Sickle

Hwarang Decoration

Legendary Hwarang Decoration

Soccer Acong V2

Soccer Acong Bag V1

Fanatic Soccer Acong

Fairy Decoration

Fancy Fairy Decoration

Heavy Machine Gun

Upgraded Heavy Machine Gun++


Homing Boomerang

King Firecracker Decoration

Christmas Wreath Decoration

Fancy Christmas Wreath Decoration

Wings of Love

Frozen Pink Crystal Wings

Golden Lea's Wings

Dark Lea's Wings

Grey Toad.

Green Toad.

Red Toad.

Purple Toad.

Korean Tai Chi Flag

Vibrant Essence

Radiant Essence

Santacong Bag

Beastman's Symbol

Enraged Beastman's Symbol

Lucky Golden Pig

Skull Dragon Wings

Immortal Skull Dragon Wings

Phoenix Wings

Legendary Phoenix Wings

Minotaur Wings

Ancient  Minotaur Wings

Archangel Wings

Noble Archangel Wings

Steampunk Chopper MK I 

Diesel Steampunk Chopper MK II

Ordinary sporty backpack

Magnificent sporty backpack

Blade of Radiant Constellations

Space Booster

Captured Baby Raptor

Captured Ferocious Baby Raptor

Chef decoration

Master chef decoration

Noble Masquerade Decoration

Royal Masquerade Decoration

Uranos' Frost Dragon Wings

Hades' Black Dragon Wings

Apollo's Red Dragon Wings

Demeter's Green Dragon Wings

Kaito decoration

Joker Kaito Decoration

Winter Day Wings

Winter Day Frozen Wings

Winter Night Wings

Winter Night Frozen Wings

Arabian Acong

Mystic Arabian Acong

Dragon Exion Wings

Dragon Exia Wings

Anubis Ornament Decoration


Heavenly Horse

Hell Horse

Byzantine Elephant

Armed Byzantine Elephant

Volcanic Raptor

Armed Volcanic Raptor

Armed Snow Tiger

Mercury Rider

Dark Mercury Rider

Snow Tiger

Helios' Griffin

Helios' Golden Griffin


Prismatic Unicorn

Mars Rider

Gold Mars Rider


Invincible Hydra


Golden Sabretooth

Chopper V1

Super Chopper V1

Outlaw Bike

Golden Outlaw Bike

Domesticated Taurus.

Spotted Taurus.

Wild Taurus.

Black Taurus.

Ancient Fox.

Heavenly Ancient Fox.


Cuddly Rudolph


Captain Panda.

Mask Rider v2

Mask Rider v1


Endangered Rhinoceros

Classic Car

Luxury Classic Car


Molten Golem V1

Urus V1

Sacred Urus V1

Ninja Star V2

Extreme Ninja Star V2


Infernal Manticore

Colossus V1

Subterranean Colossus V1


Spirit Eldebranch V3



APU-1000 V2

Cannon Horse

Mad Cannon Horse

Demonic Beast.

Immortal Demonic Beast

Halloween Ghoul Bear

Wild Halloween Ghoul Bear

Santa's Sleigh

Xmas Sleigh



Blue Baby Phoenix

Red Baby Phoenix

Ice Golem

[Oceanic]Yellow Tiger

Halloween Witch's Broomstick

FrozenMoon Chariot.

ShiningSun Chariot.

Classic White Car

Sand Hell Scorpion

Golden Sand Hell Scorpion

Captain Panda V2.

Taoist's Nimbus

Taoist's Storm Nimbus

Legendary Pegasus

Skybound Pegasus

Crystal Rudolph

Shining Crystal Rudolph


Sporty Minicar


Assault Tank

Infernal Baphomet

Ultimate Baphomet

Crystal Rudolph Sleigh

Splendid Crystal Rudolph Sleigh

Cannon Horse

Mad Cannon Horse

Demonic Beast.

Immortal Demonic Beast

Halloween Ghoul Bear

Wild Halloween Ghoul Bear

Santa's Sleigh

Xmas Sleigh



Blue Baby Phoenix

Red Baby Phoenix

Ice Golem

[Oceanic]Yellow Tiger

Halloween Witch's Broomstick


Speedy Snowmobile

Hellish Ride

Merciless Hellish Ride

Gold Bat

Dark Gold Bat

Soccer Squad.

Gold Soccer Squad

Kicker Armadillo

Gold Kicker Armadillo

Explorer Red Baby Dragon

Explorer Blue Baby Dragon

Explorer Red Young Dragon

Explorer Blue Young Dragon

Acong Ducky

Crimson Kronos Warhorse

Midnight Kronos Warhorse

Azure Knight's Warhorse

Holy Knight's Warhorse

Baron's Knight's Warhorse

Succubus Bike

Seductive Succubus Bike


Cushy Alpaca

Regular Dagon

Resplendent Dagon

Event Dagon

Christmas Eldebranch

Merry Christmas Eldebranch


Holy Ram

Sea Stingray

Mysterious Sea Stingray

Ancient Fox Tail

Prideful Ancient Fox Tail

Guardiam Automaton

Guardian Gigas

Steampunk Sleigh: Mahogany

Steampunk Sleigh: Sapphire

Steampunk Sleigh: Emerald

Steampunk Sleigh: Ruby

Steampunk Sleigh: Onyx


Imperial Tarantula

Golden Bunny

Lich's Warhorse

Grim Reaper's Warhorse

Hollow Grim Reaper's Warhorse


Feral Fenrir

Steampunk Autogyro MK I

Steampunk Autogyro MK II

Cool Skateboard

Radical Skateboard

Incarnation of Christmas Archangel

Dragon Tyrant, Exion

Blade of Shattering Winds

Dimension Overlord, Exia

Riederan's Mutated Dragon

Untamed Raptor

Perfectly Tamed Raptor



Swan tube

Flamingo tube


Immortal Wyvern

Fire Drake

Immortal Fire Drake

Black Wyvern

Frost Monarch Dragon

Glacier Monarch Dragon

Lovely Pink Dragon

Radiant Gold Dragon

Skull Dragon

Immortal Skull Dragon


Legendary Phoenix

Incarnation of Archangel

Incarnation of Noble Archangel

Twilight Wind


Ancient Minotaur

Black Wind

Red Wind

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