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Infinity Challange

Infinity Challange

Witch Murder by Zeink in Jan 6, 2022

Hello Oceanics!

Infinity Challenge is a special mode where players party up to defeat consecutive waves of enemies. The maximum amount of waves is 30; the given time limit is 30 minutes.


  • Level 30+ Requirement.
  • 30 Stages in 30 minutes; fight waves of monsters in a party of 3.

  • Cannot use any consumables during battle (Potions, Scrolls).
  • Kicked out if idle for too long; disqualified if player disconnects or retreats.
  • Will not receive contribution reward if a player dies and leaves the party during IC.
  • Cannot apply/join when in a fight, My Home, or in Competitions (FL/CL/AoA).
  • You cannot apply as a Squad. If the player doesn’t apply as a Party, they will be matched with players near their level or with Doppelgangers.
  • Obtain [Challange Emblem] based on the battle contribution and stages completed.

  • Items can be exchanged on NPC Infinity Mercurius Located on Rome Plazza


The Infinity Challenge opens daily at six different time frames. The players are given 5 minutes to apply, after which they will have to wait for the next instance.


Times are set based on our local server

*03:00-07:00-11:00-15:00-19:00-23:00 Every day.

*Please be aware that time might conflict with invasions events, free, colosseum and AOA Leagues.

Good Luck everyone and Happy Hunt :)

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