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IM Coins Refund

IM Coins Refund

Witch Murder by Castiel in Mar 26, 2021

In order to be sure that all the players who donated receive their Coins back we will refund you in 2 stages:

    Stage 1
Players who already have a character before 22.01.2021 if you donate via:
- PayPal: Those who already contacted KingDollar got refunded.
                  If you haven't already, please contact him or any other GM
- Other Payment methods: You already received the Coins, check your Account!

   Stage 2
Players who created a character after 22.01.2021:
-  Contact KingDollar, Zeink, or Castiel via Discord with the following:
    Account Name you donated
    Email address used
    The payment method you used for donation
    Screenshot of your Transaction History
    New account (if not used the old one) you want the Coins.

The reasons behind these Stage is this:
- Due to database loss we can only refund first the existing characters that were created until 22.01.2021.
- If you started after the above date and donated you will receive your Coins back but you must provide us evidence of your donation.

Any attempts in impersonating other players to receive Coins will result in a permanent ban and character deletion if they have one
We advise you to use the old Login Details including the same email address to ease the Refund process
We have a Privacy Policy in effect so you don't need to be concern about the security of your details.

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