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Hidden Repositorium

Hidden Repositorium

Witch Murder by Zeink in Feb 11, 2022


Hidden Repositorium is an event dungeon for players level 50 and above. It's located in Southeast Asia India. In order to obtain a key, you can exchange your [Oceanic]Gold Emblems in Valentine's Sweetheart NPC located in Rome.

Entrance Fee or Key: Hidden Repositorium Key

Minimum Level: your Main Character must be level 50 or higher to enter this dungeon

Formation: Full

Monsters: Scale to Main Character's level

Battle Type: Normal Battle

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Monster Rewards: Atlas Ore, Atlas Ore E, Atlas Ore Shards, Oceanic Coins, Shining Water of life, Combat Scrolls.

Final Reward: 50/100/250 Water of Life (Depending on the number of kills)

Cooldown (CD): 20 hours

Happy Hunt !

Oceanic Team

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