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General Features

Witch Murder by Castiel in Mar 19, 2021

Below we have compiled a list with all the General Features that our Server offer

  • KO-based version of the game.
  • Latest KO update.
  • Free Permanent Blessing/Teleport License.
  • 300% Diary bonus Experience.

  • Increased P.Atk, Defense, Workload, Experience Buffs.

  • Permanent x3 bonus Experience while in a party with other players.

  • Ability to open up to 50 boxes at a time:

  • Ability to Dismantle boxes 

  • Atlas Ore Enhance fails discount ( you will receive 50% back if you fail to enhance).

  • Free League running time is 1 hour and 15 minutes
    Application time is 2:30s
    The time for Matching change is 2:30s
    The Max number of fights per Free League is 8

  • Free League Rewards
    You receive Oceanic Gold coins instead of Exp. Books
    The chance of getting a Mount box has been replaced with a Lucky Mount Card
    All Divisions of Free League gives you Symbol of Glory as follow:
    Winning a match in Div. 18 = 4, in Div. 0(Tier 0) = 30 
    Losing a match in any Division = 2

    The amount of Fame points you gain has been increased:
    Winning a match in Div. 18 = 20, to Div. 0(Tier 0) = 280
    Losing a match in Div. 18 = 5, to Div.0(Tier 0) = 135
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