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Freedom Park

Freedom Park

Witch Murder by Castiel in Mar 19, 2021


Event Extended until 05.05.2021

Event Period
 28.03.2021 - 28.04.2021

  Event Details

Every day you will receive 2 keys after being online for a certain time.
1st Key: after 1 hour 
2nd Key: after 3 hours

Once obtained click on the "Event" button on your left side of your screen and teleport to "Freedom Park".
You will have 1 hour to fight monsters inside and collect various items and boxes. From boxes collected inside, you will obtain Silver Tokens. 
Near the Entrance of the Freedom park dungeon, you will find Corrupt Official NPC where you can exchange your Silver token once you collected enough.

Here is a list with various items Corrupt Official have for sale:

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