Book Issue Clarification

Book Issue Clarification

Witch Murder by Zeink in Jun 27, 2022

Hello Oceanics!

I can see there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty regarding the situation with the book issue.

Let me clarify one more time so everyone is aware:

At the moment there is a current bug where some items are "missing" which is not what actually happens, these items are still there and we can see them through the Data Base (AKA DB For those ones who really struggle to understand acronyms) 

We found a way to prevent this from happening in the future however one more time we will have to reset the book for all the players.

Now you may ask what does mean reset the book?

This is very simple, During the MT (AKA Maintenance) we will proceed to remove all the items from the book and send it to your mailbox this will clean the DB and correct any issue from the current configuration of the book

Since now we know how this happens, we can counter it and prevent this issue in the future.

Now MT will be announced between 24 up to 48 hours in advance this will allow all the players to be aware of the MT

All the players will be Provided with a Warehouse License (including a special one) with a restricted time (30 Days) in order for you guys if you want to remove these items from your books by yourself before the MT

Strongly advise the players to record your items (Either by video or SS) also would be recommended to remove by yourself those items from the book

We will set up a time period that can raise any problems regarding items missing from this book (I will not expect after this period to be dealing with any issue related to this) 

Player compensation for the MT downtime: There will be no, this is more than schedule and ETA (Estimate time of arrival which in this case will be finished) will be unknown so please do not ask, we will inform all the players when the server is back online.

Thank you!

Oceanic Team

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