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Bingo Event

Bingo Event

Witch Murder by Castiel in Jun 18, 2021

    Event Period 
18.06.2021 - 22.07.2021

Sunday 04.07.2021 We will Reset the Bingo Board so you can finish it one more time until 22.07.2021

How it works!

Every day you will receive Bingo Token after being online for :
1 Hour  -  1 Bingo Token
3 Hours - 1 Bingo Token
5 Hours - 2 Bingo Token

After receiving it just right-click on your Bingo Token to start a mission:

Here is a complete list of possible mission that you can receive based on your level:

Level 1 to 160:
Kill 200 Monsters
Kill 300 Monsters
Kill 400 Monsters
Use 50 Water of Life
Use 50 Mandragora
Use 100 Medici's Gold Box
Enchant 50 times
Enchant 100 times
Dismantle 100 times
Exchange 5 Origin Info's
Exchange 10 Origin Info's
Eat at a feast 5 times
Try Fishing 100 times

Level 161 to 200:
Kill 300 Monsters
Kill 400 Monsters
Kill 500 Monsters
Use 100 Water of Life
Use 100 Mandragora
Use 200 Medici's Gold Box
Enchant 150 times
Enchant 200 times
Dismantle 150 times
Exchange 10 Origin Info's
Exchange 20 Origin Info's
Eat at a feast 10 times
Try Fishing 200 times

There is no difference in Rewards, we just divided it into 2 so low-level players can have better chances of finishing the Bingo Board.

In Plaza, you will find Fortunata NPC and you will be able to exchange your Bingo Coupons for the following items:

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