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Acong World Event

Acong World Event

Witch Murder by Castiel in Mar 19, 2021

Event Extended until 05.05.2021

         Event Period
 28.03.2021 - 28.04.2021

We have decided to run once again this event which seems that everyone enjoyed this the most!

    Event Details

Every day you will receive a certain amount of Keys after being online a specific number of hours.
 1st Key after 2 hours 
 2nd Key after 4 hours

To access the Event Dungeon just click on the button "Acong World" as shown:

Once inside you will have 30 minutes to kill as many monsters as you can, after which you will be teleported to the nearest town.
Inside among other useful loot and experience, you will gather "Acong World Coupons" where you can spend them in Plaza at "World Acong Salesman"

Here is a list of items the Salesman offer:

Available mercenaries from the Event Summon Marble:

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